Weekend Getaways from Kolkata for a Fun-Filled Holiday

Weekend Getaways from Kolkata

Weekend getaways prove to be a good idea especially after a week full of stress and exhaustion. This is the reason most of the people takes 2-3 days short trips at nearby places which are far from city’s hustle and bustle. And when you live in a charming city like Kolkata, you need not worry about finding perfect weakened getaway places. Kolkata, the city of joy is enthusiastic just like other Indian metropolitan cities which have retained their charm for centuries. Apart from it, you can find many attractive and soothing weekend getaway place near Kolkata to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Weekend Getaways from Kolkata


Digha is a seaside destination in the coastal area of the Bay of Bengal. This weekend getaway from Kolkata is a popular holiday destination due to untouched beaches and picturesque views. I can say that Digha is an ideal place for families who look for places to spend a fun-filled weekend. Digha has many temples, beautiful beaches, museums and parks which can keep you occupied throughout the day. You can also indulge in water sports activities organised by the state tourism organizations.


Sundarbans is one of the UNESCO declared World Heritage sites popular for mangrove forests and Bengal tigers. The forest shares its borders with Bangladesh and has an attractive ecological balance despite habiting various flora and fauna. You will witness many Sundari trees growing in the forest which has meandering rivers, estuaries, creeks and beautiful water springs. Before reaching this tiger reserve, pre-book a room in a hotel or a resort because this place remains filled up throughout the year.


Shantiniketan is a small town and a popular weekend getaway from Kolkata which was once home to Rabindranath Tagore. You may not find many attractive places in this town but the Visva Bharati University is one must-to-visit place set up by Rabindranath Tagore’s father. The university has been renovated beautifully and attracts many tourists who seek to gain aesthetic and cultural knowledge.


Mayapur is a small city with numerous religious temples and picturesque views that make it an ideal place for a weekend getaway from Kolkata. More popularly, Mayapur is a Vaishnavite pilgrim that was founded by Vinod Thakur, a Bhakti saint. You will be amazed to know that the first ISKON temple was established in Mayapur and is dedicated to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. On the banks of the Hooghly River, you can visit the nine holy dhams or islands places together in a lotus-shaped island known as Navadwipa. This city was earlier the capital of West Bengal and is today a significant part of Mayapur township.

Mandarmani Beach

Yet another beautiful seaside destination beside Kolkata is Mandarmoni beach which is popular for its luxuries and top-notch facilities. The place is gaining much attraction and has the potential to transform into an international tourist spot. The sandy beaches, mesmerising views and luxurious resorts are attractive enough to make you visit this weakened getaway from Kolkata again and again. To reach this place, you can hire a car or take a bus from Kolkata. Just lie down on the beach and let the waves strike your body to experience an ethereal feeling. 


In the foothills of the Himalayas, Jaldapara is famous for Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumura National Park that homes elephants, one-horned rhino and Bengal tigers along with other wild animals. Apart from it, bird watchers can find many exotic and migratory birds in Jaldapara Park such as Bengal Florican, eagles, peafowl, Indian Hornbill and partridges. You can visit Gorumara National Park or an old fort ruin nearby at Chilapata forest. For adventure seekers, this forest arranges jungle safari and elephant rides through the park.


Purulia is another beautiful place in the western-most part of West Bengal. The city is relaxing and calm which can undoubtedly break your monotonous work routine. Spend quality time with your loved ones in Purulia’s resorts or while picnicking amidst a natural landscape surrounded by hills, clean water and warm hospitality. Although Purulia is not much popular unlike other weakened getaways from Kolkata, it is slowly attracting tourists from all over the state due to its natural beauty.


In between Shankarpur and Mandarmani, a small town named Tajpur is located at the shores of the majestic Bay of Bengal, 170 kms from Kolkata. In fact, Tajpur is regarded as one of the most secretly serene places in West Bengal where the untouched beach is hidden by commercial tourism and industries. You may find many red crabs on the seashore which gives crimson colour to Tajpur beaches.


Puri is a pilgrimage site located in Odisha and one of the most revered tourist destinations in western India. Many national and international tourists travel to Puri to visit the famous Jagannath temple and the Bay of Bengal coastline. Puri is ideal for beach lovers too who want to spend the weekend beside the pristine seashore. With plenty of resorts and hotels near the coastline, Puri can be fun-loving as well as an adventurous trip altogether. Indulge in a water sports activity or visit Konark temple, Puri can keep you occupied during your weekend. Most of the travellers visit Puri in the month of July when the grand Rath Yatra festival is celebrated.


Bakhali is another beach destination in West Bengal and a perfect weekend getaway from Kolkata. Unlike other beach destinations on the list, Bakhali is rather a simple place with not so luxurious environment but is natural and calm. Take a beach walk or a boat ride in Bakhali besides cycling around the less-trafficked town.


Bishnupur is famous among backpackers particularly due to its terracotta temples, architecture, handicraft and music. This town with a rich heritage, art and culture attracts tourists from all over the country to witness beautiful paintings made by the locals, listen to soft classical music and buy famous Baluchari sari. Some of the important temples that are visited by tourists include Rasmancha temple, Jorbangla temple and Syamrai among many others.

Sonajhuri Forest

Sonajhuri can be regarded as a hidden gem in the West Bengal state. The forest is the cleanliest in India and a retreat to nature. You may find many lush green trees and rare flowers plant blooming around the forest. The place is perfect for a weekend getaway from Kolkata where you can click many memorable pictures and explore new untouched places. The locals or the tribal people living here live a simple life free from luxury. So, you require to carry the necessary modern amenities for staying in Sonajhuri. Enjoy pristine water flowing through the forest that makes this place magical just like a fairy tale movie.


Yet another small city in proximity to Kolkata is Jhargram which is popular for its rich culture and historical background. The city is surrounded by dense forest where cashew trees grow in abundance. You can spend quality time with the local tribe or explore the forest region. The natural beauty and calm atmosphere will surely make you fall in love with this place. Some of the famous places that can be visited when you are in Jhargram includes Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Temple, Kendua, Medicinal Plant Garden, Ketki Falls, Tribal Museum, Jhargram Palace, Rabindra Park, Jhargram Mini Zoo and Chilkigarh Raj Palace.


Historically, Barrackpore was the first city in West Bengal where British people established their cantonment before spreading their rulership in India. This place is significant historically as it attracted Britishers from where they gained a massive victory. Apart from it, this one of the popular weakened getaways from Kolkata has mesmerising parks where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Pristine temples are also located for religious people while history lovers can visit the museum. Some of the places that you can visit in Barrackpore are Mangal Pandey Park, Gandhi Museum, Tarakeswar Temple, Bartholomew Cathedral, Kali Temple, Jawaharkunja Garde, Nishan Ghat and Barrackpore Cantonment.


Although Haldia is more popularly called a commercial hub of West Bengal, it has much more to offer its tourists than trade and commerce. The city has numerous heritage sites, temples and markets making it perfect for a weekend getaway from Kolkata. Explore marine drive and palaces or spend gala time in the pristine landscape when you are in Haldia next time.


In the Hooghly district, Chandannagar is a small yet important town in West Bengal. The town was first ruled by the state Nawabs after which French people took over the kinship. When Britishers arrived, Chandannagar was transferred from French to Britishers and vice versa many times. At last, the town was merged with West Bengal during independence and today it holds various international and national influences. If you seek to spend a simple and relaxed weekend, visit Chandannagar the next time.


Falta is a river town of West Bengal that constitutes a perfect picnic spot or weekend getaway from Kolkata. The place is located beside Hooghly, Rupnrayan and Damodar river making it a river town. You can visit a popular farmhouse in the town named the Bose Bigyan Mandir that was owned by a Bengali scientist Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose. Falta is more popularly chosen for picnicking purposes or a short stay. When you visit Fata, enjoy Falta Jetty to envisage ferries crossing the river. Some of the nearby attractions include Raichak, Diamond Harbour, Gadiara Geonkhali which is just an hour drive away from Falta.

Nohkalikai Waterfall

Nohkalikai waterfall is the fourth largest waterfall in the world where water falls from 335 metres in height. The waterfall is in Meghalaya and tucked in the lush evergreen rainforest of Khasi hills. The waterfall plunges into the lagoon which turns blue during the afternoon sky. After witnessing this majestic waterfall, you can trek to nearby hills or just sit back and relax in a cosy hotel room during your weakened getaway from Kolkata.


Tarapith is not just a weekend getaway destination that lies in proximity to Kolkata but also a famous pilgrimage of Hindus. This small town of West Bengal is one of the Shakti Piths where ancient Sati’s third eye fell. Tara is another name given to Sati and is worshipped by Hindus in the Tarapith temple. The town has a river flowing nearby named Dwarka river in the Birbhum district. You will be amazed to know that Tarapith is also a place full of a black magician who can perform the Tantra mantra. When at Tarapith, you will hear chanting at the cremation grounds day and night while the village itself seems mysterious.

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