25 Famous Pubs in Hyderabad for a Perfect Nightlife

Pubs in Hyderabad

If you want to want to sit with a beer in a pub or join friends for an evening get together, Hyderabad has many places for perfect nightlife. You may find many pubs with dance floors where great crowd gathers to dance with some chilling beers. Check our list to find famous pubs in Hyderabad to make your nightlife perfect.

Pubs in Hyderabad

1. Aqua

Located in the Park Hotel, Aqua is one of the most popular pubs in Hyderabad. The pub also has a huge infinity pool, marvellous décor and luxurious seating that will make you feel like a king. You can choose among wide varieties of wine, cocktails, spirits and mocktails. For dance lovers, this pub is the best in Hyderabad.

2. The Sky Lounge

A rooftop dance floor with the pub in Hyderabad beside HUDA techno Enclave is The Sky Lounge that will surely make you dance even though dancing is not your forte. The ambience of the pub is great to enjoy an evening glass of alcohol along with exotic cuisine.

3. Downing Street

One of the best architectural marvel inclusive pubs is Downing Street with Shepherd’s Pie, High stools, colonial-era art, huge pitchers full of beer and lots more. This one of the best pubs in Hyderabad is famously called the quintessential English Pub. You may also find a large library in the pub from where you can select your favourite books to read while drinking wine. Comfortable leather couches and fun themed night makes this place crowded during the weekends.

4. Hard Rock Café

If classic rock playing soothes you, visit hard Rock Café that offers cool rock music playing in the background while you can have delicious food and alcohol. Hard Rock Café stands among the top ten pubs in Hyderabad that is always a safe place when you want to spend a fun-filled night.

5. Club Leo (Leonia)

This pub has a luxurious décor and beautifully placed furniture along with a trendy dance floor that makes it ideal for party lovers. The Club Leo has a private garden too along with cool outdoor seating and a swimming pool. A world-class sound system has been placed in this one of the best pubs in Hyderabad. You can also enjoy live-performance held occasionally by well-known musicians and DJs amidst colourful revolving lights.

6. La La Land bar & Kitchen

This famous lounge and resto-bar in Hyderabad have a dance floor. The pub serves many alcohol brands along with a wide variety of food. To enjoy some thrilling performances, do visit La-La Land Bar & Kitchen. The DJs in the pub will surely mesmerise you to dance on the dance floor in their beats.

7. Over the Moon

Over the Moon is perhaps one of the pubs in Hyderabad that lifts visitor’s mood instantly through their cool ambience, fantastic city view and party vibes. While sitting on the 8th floor of the building, you can enjoy electrifying music while having your favourite mojitos, tequila, and more. Do try Indian and Mediterranean cuisine of the pub.

8. Mustang Terrace

Mustang Terrace is popular among those who like to dance, sit in an open space, sip delicious cocktail and flutter flags while watching and cheering a live match. This pub in Hyderabad is for unhurried evenings and when you can dedicate your valuable time to listen to upcoming musicians. If you too want to try your luck, well, do not forget to visit Mustang Terrace the next time you visit Hyderabad.

 9. Harbour- The Rooftop Lounge

Yet another lounge placed on the rooftop is Harbour where many people gather to spend fun-filled evenings with friends. The food menu of the pub is also exciting as it includes a mix of Chinese, North Indian and Continental cuisines. If you want to enjoy a sports event while sitting in a group or enjoy dancing to a peppy number, Harbour is a perfect place.

10. Kismet

Kismet is one of the largest pubs in Hyderabad that has a huge dance floor. The soft-ambient lights, beautiful décor and metal finished furniture makes the place perfect for a romantic couple or to remove work-stress. The bar has an exclusive space reserved for VIP guest and a private booth where you can take your spouse for a date. 

11. Prost Brewpub

Prost Brewpub is one of the pubs in Hyderabad that serves beer in style. One of the best nightclubs in the city offering flavoured and freshly brewed beer is indeed a one-stop place for perfect evenings. You can taste unique cocktails and mocktails in this pub which includes ingredients like mango, lemon, chocolate, rice, blueberries and many others. This place is spread over three floors that have a cool ambience, live music and great food.

12. Coco’s Bar & Grill

Coco’s Bar & Grill is one of the best late-night pubs in Hyderabad which has a cool atmosphere, large drinks and soft music playing in the background.

13. Attitude Bar

This is one of the pubs in Hyderabad that offers its guests Hussain Sagar a view. Relish yourself with exotic food and drink at the Attitude Bar. This Bar in Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre will surely make to revisit again and again especially if you are a dance lover and party freak.

14. MOB

Mad Over Beer or MOB is a pub that crafts beer to the next level. If you love having a mix of cocktails and beer, MOB is a perfect place for you. The beer served are tested and perfectly served while you can sit in the wooden furniture and hang out with your friends.

15. Olive Bistro

Another in-house brewery and one of the best pubs in Hyderabad is the Olive Bistro that is famous for its relish food and lovely ambience that can transport you to the island of Santorini. Comfortable seating, exciting food menu and perfect decibel offered by the pub is probably what we look for when spending time with family and friends.

16. Komatose

Komatose is yet another perfect nightclub and a part of Holiday Inn and Suites in Hyderabad. The ambience is fun, the food is excellent and drinks a must-try. What more? Enjoy live music, Grill and Chill nights and Comedy shows to have a relaxing experience and to remove boredom.

17. Spoil Lounge

As the name says, this lounge is surely going to spoil you and make you visit again and again. The lounge has a dance floor for party lovers where heady music compels every soul to move their feet. The bar offers some exciting combinations of tempting starters and cocktails

18.  Skyhy

Skyhy is one of the pubs in Hyderabad which can remove boredom instantly through the vibrant atmosphere and tasty food with drink. With caricatures placed on the walls, happening dance floor and scenic view of Hyderabad city, this pub will surely steal your heart away.

19. Liquids

Although Liquids have a small bar as compared to the others in the list, it is comfortable and cosy for ones seeking spending time in solitude. Just have your glass of wine and view beautiful scenery outside the pub’s window. The dance floor and bar become lively during the night where party lovers chill and dance till late at night. 

20. Beer House

In the Hitech City, Beer House is one of the pubs in Hyderabad that is perfect for spending a relaxing time. You can hit the dance floor or just have your favourite beer while sitting in a perfectly decorated bar.

21. Masti Sports Bar

The dance floor and scenic location of this pub in Hyderabad will transport you into Masti mood instantly. Do visit this pub with your friends or spouse to dance below revolving lights.

22.  Karma

Karma is one of the bistro lounges that entertain guests with DJ nights and live performances. The décor and cool ambience of this pub in Hyderabad can easily tempt anyone to shake their legs. You must try North Indian and Continental cuisine served in the pub.

23. Sounds & Spirits

Besides Kavuri Hills, Sounds and Spirits is one of the best pubs in Hyderabad that has a dance floor, fab music, excellent food and lovely interiors. This place has all that is searched by party goers. So, take your girlfriend for a date at Sound & Spirits and groove into some excellent music.

24. Hangover Kitchen & Lounge

Another mesmerising pub in Hyderabad is Hangover Kitchen & Lounge. If you want to chill with your family or friends or just want to spend time with your lover, this place is for you. The open terrace makes us enjoy the fresh air while tasting flavoured food. The drinks during dancing are like icing on the cake!

25. Vertigo- The High Life

Vertigo is a perfect pub in Banjara Hills which is opted by people for a chilling night out with friends and family. The neon light and funky décor provide the best experience a pub can offer. Do try freshly brewed coffee or signature drinks offered by this one of the best pubs in Hyderabad.

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