16 Best Tourist places in West Bengal to Visit This Year

Best Tourist places in West Bengal

In West Bengal, you will find every tourism product India has to offer its tourists. The state abodes the Bay of Bengal to the majestic Himalayas, from Dense Forest to snow-clad mountains and form a historic monument to luxurious resorts. West Bengal is popular worldwide for the famous Sundarbans mangrove forest which homes endangered Royal Bengal Tigers. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the best tourist places in West Bengal which you must visit on your next vacation in the cultural capital of India.

Best Tourist places in West Bengal


The second biggest city in India, also known as the city of joy is pointedly futuristic, luxuriously built, refined and culturally significant. This 350-year-old urban city in the Eastern side of India and the capital of West Bengal possess spectacular views which need no description. You may find unique structures scattered all over the city and people hospitable in nature with artistic skills and highly intellect. The streets of the city remain mostly chaotic yet filled with creativity and life. No wonder, Kolkata has many food joints that serve delicacies of almost every origin such as Bengali, South India, Mexican, Chinese and so on. You can visit Victoria Memorial or Wax Museum to soothe your eye with marvellous creations. The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is the oldest hanging bridge in the world and have no pillars to support the bridge. There are many ghats in the city on the bank of River Ganga where you can sit and enjoy the cool air while sipping tea. Do not forget to taste famous Rosogula and Puchka when you are in Kolkata.


Darjeeling is a hill station in the West Bengal state which is pristine, charming and welcoming due to local people’s hospitable nature. This tourist place to visit in West Bengal is one of the most revered hill stations in Eastern India famous for its tea garden, untouched beauty and old-city charm. The climate here is cool all over the year since the hills stand at an altitude 2050 m above sea level. You may find toy trains running across the city which provides visitors with picturesque views and gorgeous panoramic sights of the Himalayas. The Tibetan cuisine served by the eateries is a must-to-try in Darjeeling. Around 86 tea estates are scattered in the city which produces world-famous Darjeeling tea. Just pluck a few leaves from the garden or taste freshly brewed liquor when you visit the Queen of Hills, Darjeeling.


One of the biggest mangrove forests globally lies in the West Bengal state is known as Sundarbans National Park. The place is also a Tiger Reserve along with a Biosphere Reserve in Eastern India that provides a view of pristine estuaries and Bengal tigers. The Sundarbans Park has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as it homes various species of birds and salt-water crocodiles. It is estimated that more than 400 Bengal Tigers inhibits in the forest along with 30,000 spotted deer. You will be amazed to know that Sundarbans have derived their name from the word ‘Sundari tree which is found there in large numbers.


Siliguri is a district in West Bengal situated beside Jalpaiguri. The place is also known as the Gateway of North-East India. To reach Siliguri, you can book a train or flight from Kolkata which is just 560 km away from the city. Since Siliguri has its international airport too, many international tourists visit this place before exploring other nearby places of North-East India such as Gangtok and Leh Ladakh.  This one of the best tourist places to visit in West Bengal is famous for timber and tea besides amazing landscapes that serve as a quick escapade from city life. One of the major attractions in the city is Jaladapara National Park in the River Torsa banks. The Park is spread across 215 square kilometres and has wet grasslands along with the riverine forest. You may find various wild animals in the park such as one-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal tiger and deer. Another wildlife park in Siliguri is Mahanadi Wildlife Sanctuary which too has abundant flora and fauna.


Located beside a vast lake, Mirik is a small hill town in West Bengal which is nestled in the Himalayan ranges offering mesmerising views of lakes and mountains. This romantic getaway in West Bengal is ideal for honeymooners who can visit divine temples and beautiful orchards scattered in the town. Since this place is less populated, the environment here is calm and tranquil all around the year.


If you seek to visit a beach town, Digha is a perfect holiday destination for you in West Bengal. The beaches in the town are untouched and hold scenic views which makes Digha a popular tourist destination in West Bengal. The town has many beaches open for tourists, temples and museums which makes Digha ideal for every age group people.


Dooars is a floodplain region in West Bengal that starts from the Teesta River on the Eastern side to River Sankoshi of the West. The name of the town has been derived from the word ‘door’ since it acts as a door to another neighbouring country Bhutan. You may visit many nearby attractive places in Dooars like Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Darjeeling among others. With Eastern Himalayas in the backdrop, Dooars looks amazing with the dense forest that is rich in flora and fauna.


Kalimpong is also known as a Virgin hill station in West Bengal famous for beautiful valleys, churches, Tibetan influenced handicrafts and Buddhist monasteries. You can reach Kalimpong from Darjeeling to envisage Shivalik ranges beautifully standing at an altitude 1250 m above sea level. Kalimpong was earlier ruled by the Bhutanese army till the 19th century which is the reason Bhutanese relics can be found in many places of the town. Some of the attractive places to visit in Kalimpong are Things Gompa and Jang Dond Palriffo Brang.


Kurseong is one of the best tourist places in West Bengal famous for its waterfalls, Buddhist gompas and temples besides enchanting landscapes which provides postcard-picture views. This place is also known as the Land of White Orchids due to the orchid garden in the town. Kurseong is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year while monsoons provide non-stop rains which can sometimes end after several days. You must visit tea plantations in the sloping hills of Kuseong and the lush green forest that leads towards snow-clad mountains. During sunset, this place offers a divine experience with beautiful colours spread all over the sky. Many British remnants can be found in the city apart from churches and colonial style-built houses. Apart from it, many adventurous activities like trekking and camping can be enjoyed in Kurseong that is organised by city officials.


Navadvipa is a small town in West Bengal that has a cluster of nine islands in the Banks of River Ganga. Navadvipa is a religious place and is visited by millions of pilgrims throughout the year. The town is surrounded by dense forest, winding paths and an orchid garden which will leave you enthralled. The place has more than 200 temples which are significant in their way.


Also known as the Steel Capital of East India, Durgapur is one of the best tourist places to visit in West Bengal which has a population numbering less than a million. Located in the banks of River Damodar and the Burdwan district, Durgapur is a perfect mix of rural and urban charm. This place is filled with beautiful temples, parks and old-world markers including a barrage. Visit this place if you seek to spend some time in solitary or away from city hustle and bustle. Few food joints serve excellent Bengali food which is worth tasting.


Located in proximity to Kolkata city, Raichak is a riverside destination with many luxurious resorts. This riverside town is one of the best places to visit in West Bengal that is untouched by commercialization. The town is small and lacks adequate transport facilities. This means, to visit Raichak, you will have to book a car or a bus.


Mayapur is another religious town in the state which lies at the bank of River Ganga and Jalangi. It is believed that Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born in Mayapur and hence the famous ISKON temple in the town named Chandrodaya temple has been dedicated to the Lord. Mayapur is also one of the nine dhams or sacred places in India which looks like an eight-petalled lotus flower on the river bed.


Shankarpur is an isolated beach place in West Bengal which is been visited by tourists who love to spend time amidst nature and old-world charm. This one of the tourist places to visit in West Bengal can provide you with a luxurious experience of an isolated beach along with pristine views of landscapes that are visited by very few people. Shankarpur is rather calm and boundless making it ideal for solo travelling or travellers traveling for solitary.


A mini hill station in the foothills of the Himalayas is known as Bagdogra which is the camping place for many tourist places to visit in West Bengal. In fact, this town is known as the gateway of the Himalayas and North East India. You may find many tea plantations in Bagdogra along with abundant greenery. The place is quiet and serene which makes Bagdogra ideal for a peaceful holiday. River Teesta flows nearby that provides tourists with many water sports activities too.


A small city located near Kolkata with rich history and cultural background is Jhargram. The city is surrounded by dense forests where many cashew trees are grown. You can spend time with tribal people living beside the city or treat your eyes to picturesque views. The Chilkigarh Kanak Durga temple is a famous tourist spot in Jhargram that has an ancient temple built-in 1348. The pristine river named Dulung flows nearby while the river bank act as an ideal picnic spot. You must visit the famous Jhargram Palace when in the city which homed the king in ancient times. Other popular tourist places include Sabitri Mandir, Kendra, Medicinal Plant Garden, Ketki Falls, Tribal Museum and Rabindra Park among a few others.

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