Top 15 Best Road Trips in India for Adventurers and Travel Enthusiasts

Road Trips in india

There is nothing more exciting and relieving than travelling on road in bikes and cars with windows down, a bunch of friends and music. Whether you are planning to travel with your family or friends in your car or for a solo trip on your bike, a long drive always makes you relaxed and provides you with a much-needed break. Although you may find many weekend-gateway places in your state, they can never beat the charm of long road trips between two of more states. If you are a travel enthusiast and an adventure seeker, check our list below.

Best Road Trips in India

1. The Golden Triangle

Classic Golden Triangle in India starts from Delhi via Agra to Jaipur and is probably one of the most culturally and historically rich routes adjoining three prominent cities of India. You need to follow NH8 and Yamuna Expressway for a Golden Triangle road trip. On the way, you will find many picturesque and remarkable sites along with some very famous dhabas and restaurant to quench hunger. Although this trip would require covering a distance not less than 449 kilometres, it can be completed in just seven hours or stretched out for a maximum of two to three days. Do visit some historic places that fall in the way such as Mughal Red Fort, Jama Masjid and architectural marvels of Agra such as Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal. Check out the traditional palaces in the Pink City like Amer Fort and Hawa mahal. To do shopping or for souvenirs, you can visit popular bazaars like Chandpole bazaar and Tripoli Bazaar in Jaipur city.

2. Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa road trip is considered as a trip to Mecca for bike and car enthusiasts. All the kinds of mesmerising and scenic beauty can be found on this road trip as you will have to travel beside the Western Ghats. In fact, Mumbai to Goa is one the most popular road trips in India particularly for the Mumbaikars. You will have to travel 366 kilometres from Pune to Kolhapur which can be covered in ten hours via NH4. The four-lane highway is regarded as the safest route though many toll plazas in the way can make your trip a little costly. Many thrill-seekers and adventurous people would enjoy the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route in the NH66 that requires 577 kilometres of non-stop travelling. Many narrow curves can be found in the way with fewer toll plazas. You may have to go through paddy fields and coconut plantations. Both the routes have various delicacies in the way to keep your stomach satisfied and filled up.

3. Ahmedabad to Kutch

This is yet another popular road trip in India starting from Ahmedabad to the Land of White Salt Desert or the Kutch. To complete the trip, you will require at least seven hours for covering 400 kilometres distance. In between, enjoy and admire the natural landscapes, exquisite art and handicrafts of Gujarat and feast upon lip-smacking food. The roads from Ahmedabad to Kutch are well developed and maintained but you need to start early in the morning before the highway gets crammed with heavy traffic. Do visit Wild Ass Sanctuary in Kutch that homes some 3,000 wild asses in the park. You can also visit Chari-Dhand, a bird’s nest and Hodko Village famous for handcrafted products.

4. Guwahati to Tawang

A road trip from Guwahati to Tawang is one of the most challenging road trips in Northeast India. To travel on this road trip, you may have to face rough climatic conditions, sharp bends and rugged roads challenging enough to make riders nervous. Though, you will find this journey one of the best if you seek an adventurous trip. Drive to high altitudes while envisaging snow-capped mountains, mesmerising views and temples following Buddhist traditions.

5. Manali to Leh

This is another breath-taking and off-the-chart trip that can be experienced only on a road trip. The road journey has some very rough turns and twists, distinct valleys, snow-capped mountain, beautiful monasteries and spectacular landscapes.  To travel from Manali to Leh, you will have to cover a distance of around 478 kilometres that can be completed in two days. Some of the hills are of altitude 4,000 kilometres. So, do take a stopover at Keylong and Sarchu to enjoy the trip and relax at a high altitude.

6. Kolkata to Digha

A road trip from Kolkata to Digha is probably one of the trips every Kolkatan must have experienced at least once in a lifetime. At a stretch of 184 kilometres, this route is filled with picture-perfect landscapes and big trees that leaves passer-by’s mesmerised. You will require a minimum of four hours to reach Digha from Kolkata via NH116B and NH16. Besides having numerous traditional roadside dhabas, you will find small inns to take a nap or for a short stay in between. Do visit the sea beach in Digha to soak up sun rays, try delicious seafood and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach.

7. Mumbai to Mount-Abu

Apart from Mumbai to Goa, many road trip lovers opt for Mumbai to Mount-Abu route also to explore hilly terrain stretched at a distance of 765 kilometres. To travel from Mumbai to Mount Abu, you will have to take the NH48 route that can be covered in 12 hours. If you are not in a hurry, do visit temples and popular places in Rajasthan and explore different cultures of the three adjoining states: Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Many eateries can be found in the way along with hotels to stay amidst misty mountains and lush greenery.

8. Gangtok to Nathula Pass

A road trip from Gangtok to Nathula Pass beside lake Tsomgo is another challenging trip that must not be missed by travel enthusiasts. The undulated terrains and hairpin bends can look mind-numbing yet provide you with spectacular mountain views and make you keep going further to explore more. Beside the allures of the Tsomgo lake, your heart will find immense happiness.

9. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

A journey from Vishakhapatnam to Araku valley is around 114 kilometres that can be covered in four to five hours. You will find curly roads in between surrounded by green canyons and majestic hills overlooking the Bay of Bengal, waterfalls, coffee plantations and forested hillsides. Do visit Tatipudi Reservoir and Borra Caves when you visit Araku Valley.

10. Shimla to Manali through Mandi

Travellers who love photography will love this popular road trip in India as many camera-ready sites can be seen in the way. From Shimla, you need to travel around 247 kilometres to Manali that can be covered in seven hours approximately from NH3 and NH205. Spectacular mountains stand by the roadside along with deep valleys and lush green forests on either side to leave travellers enthralled for a long time.

11. Darjeeling to Pelling

Darjeeling to Pelling is a four hours road trip that offers views of scenic landscapes and majestic mountains. From Darjeeling, Pelling is at a distance of 72 kilometres. You can stop at a famous Darjeeling Tea Garden and take a sip of Darjeeling tea to boost your energy. Even though hilly and curvy, the roads are well-maintained and have many food joints offering a smooth ride to the road travellers.

12. Bangalore to Bandipur Forest

Among various adventurous and exciting road trips in India, a road trip from Bangalore to Bandipur forest leads the list due to many reasons. Unlike many other road trips that have bumpy and curvy roads, this road trip offers a green canopy of Bandipur forest that is serene and calm to watch as if you are cruising amidst an ocean of well-maintained trees. The forest reserves are absolute bliss for Bangalore and if lucky, you might spot a deer or two on your way.

13. Hyderabad to Hampi

This popular road trip in India from the city of Nizams to Hampi is famous for having UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hampi is one place with a huge collection of temples and was once the capital city of the Vijayanagara kingdom that eventually lost its fame. Now, Hampi holds some significant ruins of the past and constitutes an important place for archaeologists. After you reach Hampi from Hyderabad, you can visit as many as one hundred sites which is the reason Hampi falls in the top list of Backpackers and travel enthusiasts. Some common places to visit in the Hyderabad to Hampi road trip includes Kurnool and Raichur.

14. Bangalore to Ooty

A road trip from Bangalore to Ooty is popular among bike riders and nature lovers due to two primary reasons, natural beauty on either side of the road and secondly because of the picturesque views of landscapes and lush green mountains. For this road trip, you will have to travel across the clam, dense and soul-refreshing forests of Bandipur along with the historical palace of Mysore. Do visit tea plantations that are spread across acres of land. Many beautiful waterfalls and clear lakes can be found in the way. For drivers, a route not less than 278 kilometres has to be travelled along NH275 which takes around 6 hours.

15. Chandigarh to Kasol

Kasol is also known as the scenic hamlet of Kullu and is loved by nature lovers, trekkers and adventure seekers immensely. The place is also known as Amsterdam of India. Many international travellers and hippies visit this place throughout the year to spend months together exploring and trekking in and around Kasol. To reach Kasol, you can take a road trip from Chandigarh. On the way, you will find mesmerising Parvati Valley and the popular Kheerganga Trekking site which is the reason a road trip from Chandigarh to Kasol falls on the list of top 15 road trips in India for adventurers and travel enthusiasts.

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