Popular Adventure Sports in India for Adventure Seekers

Adventure Sports

India has numerous mind-blowing travel destinations that has mountains, beaches, rivers, deserts, sea and so on. This indeed fascinates adventure seekers to look for the best adventure sports in India to make their holiday a memorable one. The diversified geographical features of India make national and international tourists all the more excited to experience new sports. Be it north or south, east or west, India has tremendous opportunities for adventure seekers by providing them with an exhilarating sports experience.

Popular Adventure Sports in India


I would like to start my list of popular adventure sports in India with paragliding because it is one of those sports that makes me feel like a bird flying high in the sky. Well, you need to tie a paraglider which is a light weighted glider used for flying. To experience paragliding in India, you need to hire a pilot who can operate a glider for you. Though, for solo flying, you need to get yourself well-trained with the help of state organisations authorities before paragliding. Some of the best places in India where you can take part in paragliding includes beaches in Goa, Himachal Pradesh’s Bir Billing and Kerala.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is another popular adventure sport in India that can transport you to the world of marine life underwater to interact with amazing aquatic creatures like octopus, coral reefs and exotic fishes. But, before going for scuba diving, you need to get trained to minimise the risks associated with diving. I believe scuba diving is one of the sports that provides an ethereal feeling like experiencing something divine. In India, you can go to Andaman and Nicobar Islands or Tamil Nadu and Goa for fun-filling scuba diving sports.

Bungee jumping

If you like to jump from a height while screaming loudly, go for bungee jumping at Lonavala in Maharashtra, or Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. For this adventure sport in India, you will be tied with a long cord while you jump from a crane top or a bridge placed at a certain height. Bungee jumping can be very exhilarating particularly when you jump amidst natural beauty such as mountains and valleys.

Water surfing

Water surfing is probably one of the adventure sports in India which is experienced by all the adventure seekers visiting beach destinations. In this sport, the person needs to ride over the sea waves with the help of a surfboard. Though, you may have to practice before riding far away from the coastline or ride in a big wave for an intoxicating experience. Goa and Kerala are two states where you can indulge in water surfing throughout the year.

Dirt biking

Dirt biking is yet another one of the popular adventure sports in India where you ride a bike in mud and dirt. For this sport, you need to have motorcycle riding skills because dirt biking is a bold and risky sport. In fact, dirt biking is gaining attraction amongst extreme sports lovers in India. All you need is a dirt bike and a muddy plane that is not flat. To try this sport, you can visit Bangalore which has many places where dirt biking sport is organised for adventure seekers.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the adventure sports in India where you have to climb across naturally formed rocks or huge boulders placed artificially for sports purposes. The ultimate goal is you need to reach the endpoint of the pre-determined route without falling while climbing the rock. This is one of the adventurous sports where the sportsperson needs to be alert both physically and mentally while applying their strength, agility and fine balance to climb up the solid rocks. Choose your climbing equipment’s wisely and use them skilfully if you want to experience a risk-free and fun-filling sports experience. Popular destinations where you can participate in rock climbing sports is Badami and Hampi in Karnataka, Raogudlu and Ramanagara in Bangalore and Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh among many others.

River rafting

River rafting is one of the most loved adventure sports in India. In this sport, you need to navigate through river currents while experiencing dangerous water currents with your team members. Although river rafting is both thrilling and fun-loving, you must know about the risks associated with it. Therefore, we would suggest you practice before indulging in this sport and take guidelines from instructors. For river rafting in India, most of the adventure seekers travel to Coorg, Bheemeshwari near Bangalore, Ganga in Rishikesh and Indus of Ladakh.


Another fun-loving sport underwater is snorkelling which can be experienced only in tropical resort places. While snorkelling, you can have a look at underwater life without holding complex equipment meant for scuba drivers. The best part of snorkelling is that it can be experienced by people of all ages since very little effort is required for these underwater sports. Many scuba divers involve in this sport when they are on the surface. In India, you can experience snorkelling in the Netrani islands at Karnataka, Andaman Islands or in Goa among a few others.


When the snow covers the mountains in beautiful Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, all the adventure seekers love skiing amidst a cool and picturesque environment. Skiing is one of those adventure sports in India where the skier moves over the snow to travel from one place to the other with the help of long flat runners known as skis. The board looking skis are attached to our boots or shoes so that it does not fall off when gliding downwards snowy mountains. You can participate in skiing competitions held during the winter seasons in North India tourist destinations.

Hot Air ballooning

Hot air ballooning ride in India is one of the adventure sports where you can experience beautiful views offered by nature. Just sit on the basket attached to the huge air balloon and relax while indulged in this soothing yet adventurous sport. In fact, this sport is idle for honeymooners or romantic couples who wish to spend quality time in solitary. In India, hot air ballooning is available in many states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.


Ziplining is one of the adventure sports in India where you can view picturesque sceneries while zipping past them from the top. The most thrilling part is that you cannot stop in between the zipping path even though you feel scared of height. Adventure seekers who have experienced ziplining state that this sport makes them feel like a superman travelling across deep valleys within no time. For ziplining in India, you can visit Munnar in Kerala where you can view lush green mountains view and stunning tea gardens from the top. Rishikesh also offers a mesmerising view during zip lining.


Flyboarding is comparatively a new kind of adventure sport in India that must be tried by every adventure seeker. For this sport, our feet are tied to a flyboard which needs to be balanced skilfully. The easiest way to control a Flyboard is making small movements with feet and toes while the ankle needs to control the body movements. The upper body does not require to move or perform but requires to be agile. In India, flyboarding sports has been recently added to Goa destinations and has become quite popular among adventure seekers.


Kayaking is one of the best water-based sports where you need to move on the water surface with the help of a kayak. This is different from canoeing as the kayaker have to sit in the forward position of the paddler keeping the legs in front. A double-bladed paddle is used to move a canoe-like boat by pulling the paddle from front to back on one end and the other in rotation. Many kayaks come with closed decks but the most popular ones are inflatable and sit-on-top ones. To experience this adventure sport in India do visit Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Uttarakhand where you can find good places to kayak in the backwaters.

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is a desert sport where car drivers increase or decrease their driving speed while riding over a dune. Since the sand surface keeps shifting, this sport needs a special kind of training and skill to navigate uneven terrain. Most commonly, utility vehicles like SUVs are used for dune bashing. While you travel Rajasthan for vibrant colour and spicy food experience, do enjoy dune bashing in the desert. Jaisalmer is the most popular city which arranges dune bashing sport from travellers in Rajasthan.


Hiking is like walking amidst natural beauty just like a recreational activity. I can say that hiking is a natural exercise which can be experienced by all people irrespective of age or sexes. Hiking promotes physical fitness, is convenient and economical too as it requires no special sports equipment. You can take a walk as long as you wish or do not get strain. Though for mountain hiking, you may require good hiking shoes, a stick and a first aid kit. For flat terrain hiking, only a comfortable pair of shoes will do. Just find some good places besides your stay and have fun while hiking all day.


An action-packed sport named skydiving is gaining much popularity among adventure seekers in India. In this sport, you fall from thousands of feet from the sky and in the flat terrain with the help of a parachute. This adventure sport in India is also called parachuting and is experienced for either competitions or recreational purposes. Maharashtra’s Amby valley is the only place in India that offers skydiving packages all around the year. Do visit Maharashtra if you seek to witness some breathtaking views. Professional trainers will train you before you participate in this sport and provide you with safety gear to fall from 10,000 feet of height.


Last but not least is trekking which is yet another soft-adventure sport loved by Indians the most. The beautiful destinations with natural views make India a trekker’s hub where anyone can go trekking at an economical price. If you are physically fit and agile, you can opt for trekking in mountains and hills or else, the multi-day trek is easier. Many reputed travel companies offer various packages for trekking in mountains besides providing a trekking guide for a safe journey. Among numerous trekking sites in India, Himachal Pradesh has the best places where you can envisage majestic mountain views and mesmerising valley sights.

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